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Action “Gielt Band” : Hei dierft Dir plécken!

Each year, many kilograms of ripe fruit are left to rot under the trees in orchards, gardens and on public places – and it’s a dreadful waste. The remedy is simple: gather and pick these apples, pears, plums, etc. and make them into jam, compote, juice or a pie.

But there’s a snag: gathering fruit without the owner’s permission is prohibited. What’s the solution? It’s the “Gielt Band” campaign, launched by the Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development in collaboration with the “Syndicat des Villes et Communes luxembourgeoises” (Syvicol). Municipalities, private individuals, associations and businesses may attach a yellow ribbon to indicate the fruit trees which they own and from which fruit can be gathered by members of the public. The Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development participates as regards the trees under its care and supervision.

Here you can find marked trees in our municipality:

  • Bierenallee in Elvange (pears)
  • Rue Nicolas Brucher in Elvange (apples, pears and cherries)
  • Bréicherwee in Rermerschen (apples, pears, plums)
  • Fountain in Schwebsingen (apples)

If you have a tree or shrub on your property that can be accessed by people from outside and you don’t want to let your fruit rot, simply mark it with a yellow ribbon that is provided free of charge by the municipality.

Join in and save fruit !

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