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Schengi is the personalised shuttle service for the residents of Schengen.

Our shuttle bus serves the whole of Schengen as well as the towns of Remich, Mondorf, Perl and Nennig.

You can use Schengi (free of service), for shopping, medical visits, administrative formalities, market visits, lunch in a restaurant, visits to the Bichertheik in Schwebsingen or any other trip.


Citizens with a permanent disability or impairment, who have reduced mobility and are not able to travel by themselves or with the existing public transport system, can use a special private transport service, the Adapto service. This service is intended for occasional trips such as shopping, leisure, medical visits or other.

Persons who wish to book a trip must be disabled in such a way that their mobility is severely limited and, if necessary, they must hold a type B or C disability card issued by the Ministry of the Interior.

Adapto transports are provided by minibuses with special equipment (for example, to transport people in wheelchairs). Upon individual request, they provide a door-to-door service, at a low cost to the traveller.

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