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The new municipality of Schengen offers several facilities for our young citizens. The facilities differ in terms of the type of supervision and services provided, as well as the age of the children supervised.

The childcare facilities in the municipality of Schengen are managed through agreements with the Luxembourg Youth Hostel Centre.

Chèque-Service Accueil (CSA)

Childcare-Service voucher

By introducing the childcare-service voucher (CSA), the government wanted to improve equal opportunities for children living in Luxembourg.

It is intended for all children under 13 years of age or who have not completed basic education and who reside in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The childcare-voucher scheme came into force on 1 March 2009. Initially, it was applied to the placement of children in drop-in centres (maisons relais), day care centres, nurseries, crèches and boarding schools. The network of Childcare-Service Voucher providers was extended on 15 September 2009 to include sports associations and music schools.

Financial contribution from parents:

Free of charge* Service voucher rate Family rate Full rate
0-3 ** 4-24 ** 25-60 ** > 60 **

* free of charge – only applicable to households with an income below three and a half times (3.5 x) the minimum social wage
** number of hours/per week

The membership agreement provided at the time of enrolment informs parents of the respective fees that are applied for their child’s care in different categories, depending on the household income and the child’s rank. Admission of the fourth child from the same sibling is entirely free. The parents’ financial contribution per main meal is also mentioned on the membership agreement.

For each main meal taken, parents pay a maximum contribution of €2.00 (children not enrolled in school) or €4.50 (children enrolled in school). This amount varies according to household income and the age of the child (in or out of school).

Details of the measures and other information can be requested from the Schengen Municipal Administration and are published on the website or



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