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Schengen-Ischgl (A) Twinning

Schengen has been twinned with the town of Ischgl in Tyrol, Austria since 2006. The twinning festivities took place in Schengen on the 10th of June 2006, and the twinning agreement was officially signed in Ischgl on the 16th of December 2006.

As Europe rapidly evolves, permanent bonds between towns are a way to encourage contacts between their inhabitants in many different domains and to foster a feeling of European fraternity through better mutual understanding. Twinning thus permits inhabitants to gain new perspectives at a cultural and associative level and, by bringing people together, contribute to the success of this essential programme for peace and prosperity in the European Union. In the twinning agreement, the two towns committed to undertake all initiatives necessary to ensure that not only the town administrations but also local community organisations, (political, social, economic, cultural, sports area, etc.) would be involved in the twinning .

“Schengen-Ischgl Raum ohne Grenzen” by Niki Ganahl

Welleschter Musek – Musikkapelle St Anton Partnership

Since 1997, the centenary of its foundation “Welleschter Musek” has maintained regular contacts with “Musikkapelle St Anton”.

Following an initial concert given by “Musikkapelle St Anton” at the festivities in Wellenstein, regular exchanges between the two associations subsequently took place, and a delegation from “Welleschter Musek” was also present at the centenary celebrations of “Musikkapelle St Anton”.

In 2003, Luss Gales de Wellenstein leased a vineyard to “Musikkapelle St Anton” which thus became a member of the Wellenstein wine growers’ cooperative.

In 2005, the town of St Anton decided to dedicate one of the “Rendl-Bahn” gondolas to the “Welleschter Musek” and to the town of Wellenstein. After it was taken out of service in 2010, the gondola became the property of the town of Wellenstein and was officially presented to it at the inauguration of the Albaach Centre in 2011.





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