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“SCHOULBUET” 2023/24

The current edition of the “Schoulbuet” of the Commune of Schengen has been finalised and sent to the parents and teachers of the three schools in the commune.

You can view or download it by clicking on the image.

Any comments or suggestions for future editions can be sent to the editorial board of the “Schoulbuet” by e-mail:


Compulsory education

The commune takes part in the implementation of education in accordance with the law of 6 February 2009 on compulsory education.

According to the law, every child living in Luxembourg who has reached the age of four before 1 September must attend basic school. This is the basis of the Luxembourg school system. Children aged three before 1 September may, if their parents wish, attend early childhood education classes.

The commune automatically enrols the child in the school that corresponds to his/her place of residence.

The municipality is responsible for the educational organisation of the four cycles of basic education and for ensuring that the compulsory schooling requirement laid down by law is met. Each year the local council decides on the school organisation. A school newsletter is issued by the local administration at the beginning of each school year.

The structure of basic education

The basic school caters for children aged 3 to 11. It comprises 9 years of schooling divided into 4 learning cycles.

Cycle 1, which is pre-school education, usually lasts for three years and is for children between the ages of three and five. The first year (early childhood education) is optional -> Information and enrolment procedures.

Cycles 2 to 4 are primary education.

  • Cycle 2 is for children aged 6 to 7
  • Cycle 3 is for children aged 8 to 9
  • Cycle 4 is for children aged 10 to 11

-> The new basic school  The study plan cycles 1-4

School year, school holidays

The school year starts on Thursday, 15 September 2022 and ends on Friday, 14 July 2023. In addition to the school holidays fixed by Grand-Ducal regulation, schools will be closed on public holidays or specific days determined for each school year.

On the eve of the All Saints’, Christmas, Carnival, Easter and Whitsun holidays, students are dismissed at the end of the afternoon classes.

Free days:

On the eve of the All Saints’, Christmas, Carnival, Easter and Whitsun holidays, students are dismissed at the end of the afternoon classes.

The day after the 1st communion, the classes of cycle 3.1 (3rd year of study) function normally. However, teachers have been asked to accept any written excuses for student absenteeism during the morning.

All four cycles of basic education will be busy during the day of pilgrimage to Note-Dame de Luxembourg. The day of pilgrimage will now be considered in the same way as other religious holidays and teachers are asked to accept any written excuses for student absenteeism, even though the students will not be collectively released from class.


Gebai Bech-Maacher

33-35, rue des Caves

Tél.: 23 69 80 03 (cycl. 2-4)
26 66 06 28 (cycl.1)


Gebai Elweng

10, Schoulstrooss

Tél.: 23 66 45 37


Gebai Remerschen

25, Wäistrooss

Tél.: 26 66 60 20 (cycl. 2-4)
26 66 60 40 (cycl. 1)

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