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New date! Open Call : Award “Sculpting Schengen” 2022

Theme: Solidarity

The young metal artist Martin Rehrl working on the “Unitatis” monument, which was created as a sign of cohesion in the time of crisis. Starting in Schengen, the sculpture will go on a world tour and give birth to a new art award for Luxembourg – “Sculpting Schengen”. © Daniel Ronacher

Today the Valentiny Foundation in collaboration with the Commune of Schengen and the Kunsthilfe Salzburg have the great pleasure to launch the open call for the “Sculpting Schengen”-award.

The guiding principle of international solidarity finds new meaning in the current socio-political situation of Europe and it’s neighbouring countries. This year’s award is all the more intended as a sign of international cooperation, friendship and the mediating potential of art.


The call is open to participants living in Luxembourg or being able to prove a direct link to the Grand-Duchy. If amateur or professional artist, we are looking forward to every application – the only condition being that the applicant must be younger than 30 years.

Each candidate can hand in only one sculpture project. The dimensions and material of the piece of art are not relevant and the entry is free.

How to apply

Applications should be handed in via the electronical way only and until Friday 15th July Sunday, 20th of November at 11:59 PM and must include the following components:

  • A complete CV with photo (1 A4 max.)
  • A project description (1 A4 max. containing an info sheet – material, dimensions, technique, concept , etc.)
  • Up to 10 high resolution images of the piece of art (size: A4, min. 300dpi – please indicate the copyright) / Video material only if needed to understand the oeuvre
  • A document proving the applicant‘s link to Luxembourg (e.g., certificate of residence or certificate of study from the university of Luxembourg, certificate of traineeship at a Luxembourgish artisan workshop etc.)

Applications should be introduced to the following email-address:

The Jury

The jury members are:

  • Architect François Valentiny – Valentiny Foundation (L)
  • Michel Gloden –  Major of the Commune of Schengen (L)
  • Mag. (FH) Eva Weissenbacher – Vorsitzende Kunsthilfe Salzburg (A)
  • Martin Rehrl, Sculptor and creator of the “Unitatis” monument (A)
  • Pit Molling  – Sculptor & Multi-Media Artist (L)
  • Nadina Faljic – Artist residency coordinator and assistant curator at Casino Display (L)

The jury will meet in July and select three winning projects. The choice of the winners will be based on the conformity to this year’s theme „Solidarity“ and the artistic quality of the project.

The 1st place winner of the “Sculpting Schengen”-Award receives €5,000, the 2nd place winner €3,000, and the 3rd place winner €2,000. Furthermore the laureates will be invited  to exhibit their works within the spaces of the Valentiny foundation during the month of October 2022.

Note: All participants in the open call agree that the handed in material might be published by the Valentiny Foundation and third parties in the context of the award’s press work.

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